Slabs - Rosetta Dimensional Flagstone

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Elevate Your Pathways and Outdoor Spaces with Dimensional Flagstone. For those seeking an air of sophistication and precision in their walkways and patios, look no further than our Dimensional Flagstone collection. It offers a seamless solution for those desiring a more formal and refined appearance compared to the organic flow of our Grand Flagstone series. With its consistent thickness and precise dimensions, Dimensional Flagstone ensures not only a speedy installation but also a stunning, elegant final outcome that exudes a sense of timeless class.

Applications: Patio, Walkway

Comes in a 6 size pattern with these sizes:

  • 12"x6"
  • 12"x12"
  • 18"x12"
  • 18"x18"
  • 18"x24"
  • 24"x24"

Colours Available:

  • Font du Lac
  • Copper Canyon
  • Pacific Grey
  • Northern Charcoal

Sold by the layer. Each layer covers 12.25 sqft (42"x42") and contains:

  • 1 - 12"x6"
  • 1 - 12"x12"
  • 1 - 18"x12"
  • 1 - 18"x18"
  • 1 - 18"x24"
  • 1 - 24"x24"

A pallet contains 8 layers and covers 98 sqft.