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Solanum esculentum

Tomatoes are a favorite in many gardens, and for good reason. They have many uses in the culinary world, from salads to salsas, sauces to soups, they're easy to grow and healthy to eat. We offer four different varieties here, each with a slightly different taste and form.

Exposure: Full Sun


Big Beef Tomato (Beefsteak)

Big Beef produces extra large, “beefy” fruit and large, vigorous and disease-resistant plants.

Mature Size: 60" x 36";  Pot Size: 4.3" 


Big Brandy Tomato (Beefsteak)

Yield: Medium oval shape, flavorful;  Mature Size: 60" x 36";  Pot Size: 4.3"


Supersteak Hybrid Tomato (Beefsteak)

Yield: Very Large (up to 2lbs ea.), dense texture;  Mature Size: 60" x 36";  Pot Size: 4.3"  


Bonny Best Tomato


Celebrity Tomato

Perfect for first-time gardeners, producing large tomatoes you can use sliced on sandwiches and burgers, in sauces and even as an ingredient in many salsas.

Mature Size: 36" x 30"; Pot Size:


Hy-Beef Tomato (Beefsteak)


Manitoba Tomato (Beefsteak)


Jubilee Tomato (Yellow)

Round, smooth, golden orange fruit is meaty with few seeds, mild flavor and low acidity.

Mature Size:       Pot Size: 4.7" and 4-pack