Go Herbal Head-to-Toe Body Shampoo Bar

Go Herbal Head-to-Toe Body Shampoo Bar

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Wonderful ingredients in this nourishing natural goat milk and wildflower honey soap. This variety is a softer soap as it contains 10% organic cold pressed hemp oil which creates an exceptionally rich and creamy lather. Makes a great all-purpose bar for the face, body and hair. Very handy for travelling as you can take just one product with you. 

This product is good for all skin and hair types.

Ingredients: Distilled Water, first cold pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil, certified organic Palm OIl Shortening non-hydrogenated & ethically harvested, certified organic Virgin Coconut Oil, food quality Sodium Hydroxide, certified organic Manitoba Hemp Oil, certified organic and fair trade Cocoa Butter, Natural Goat Milk Power with no antibiotics or added hormones, certified organic honey, True Lavender Essential Oil, certified organic Peppermint Essential Oil and Essential Oils of Rosemary & Roman Chamomile.

Made in Canada by Sandy Hook Soap Factory