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Angelonia angustifolia

Angelonia, a striking counterpart to the Snapdragon, stands unwavering, enduring well beyond the lifespan of its floral counterpart. This resilient beauty showcases clusters of tiny, orchid-like flowers in an array of colors, including white, pink, mauve, violet, or purple racemes. The blooms crown the tips of robust stems, adorned with slender green leaves that add to its visual allure. As a delightful bonus, the fruity scent of Angelonia enhances the sensory experience, with its fragrance particularly pronounced on warm summer evenings. 

attract butterfliesbee friendlyattract hummingbirds

Colors available:

  • Archangel Coral
  • Archangel Cherry Red
  • Archangel Purple
  • Archangel White
  • Archangel Ruby Sangria

Mature Size: 12" x 10"


Features: Bee Friendly, Attracts Butterflies and Hummingbirds, Fragrant

Pot Size: 4"