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Cucumis sativus

Cucumbers are a great starter vegetable for anyone just starting to garden. Grow on stakes or poles for a productive, easy-to-harvest vertical garden. We have many varieties available.


 Varieties Available:  

National Pickling

Heavy yielder of medium green fruit ideal for pickling. Disease resistant and uniform.

Mature Size: 12" x 60"; Fruit Size: 4"-6"


Straight Eight

A favorite variety with attractive green skin and crisp, juicy white flesh. Small seeds in very uniform fruit. Great for slicing.

Mature Size: 5" x 48"; Fruit Size: 8"


Mexican Sour Gherkin

 Vigorous vining plants loaded with 1-in. (3-cm) miniature watermelon-like fruits that taste like cucumbers with tangy citrus overtones. Plants attract hummingbirds.

Mature Size: 12" x 72"; Fruit Size: 1"