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Hemerocallis cultivars

This perennial has long, grass-like leaves which make it great for borders. The large showy flowers attract butterflies and hummingbirds.



Zone: 3

Bloom Time: July - September

Cultivar Height
Always Afternoon 22" rosy-purple, dark plum eye, green throat; 5.5"; reblooms
Canadian Border Patrol 24" creamy white, purple eye, thin purple edge
Daring Deception 24" lavender, purple center & edge; 5"; reblooms
Moses Fire 20" double deep red; 6"; reblooms
Pandora's Box
Pardon Me 18" deep red, lime green throat, fragrant; 2.75"; reblooms
Purple D'Oro 16" lavender-purple, yellow throat; 3"; reblooms
Ruby Stella 16" dark wine-red, yellow streaked throat; 3"; reblooms
Stella D'Oro 12" golden-yellow, fragrant; 2.75", reblooms
Tiger Swirl 32" fragrant, light golden-yellow, raspberry-red eye; 7"