Holland Secret - Royal Black Humic Acid

Holland Secret - Royal Black Humic Acid

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Royal Black is OMRI Listed for Organic Use.

Royal Black chelates nutrients like magnesium, calcium and iron and provides natural carrier compounds that transport nutrients and vitamins into your plants more efficiently enhancing their growth.

It also stimulates roots and enzymatic function, increases vitality in seedlings and clones and assists in the more efficient utilization of nutrients and vitamins.

Key Features:

  • Enriched with a small amount of potassium silicate for extra plant benefits such as stronger cell walls and increased chlorophyll production, so no need for any extra silicon products when using Royal Black
  • Works well in mediums such as soil and coco and with any branded fertilizer or additive
  • Pre-treat pots with Royal Black, especially when using coco (this does not contain any humate matter like soil) to get plants off to a good start
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