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A beautiful perennial with stunning foliage. Great for shady areas and as an interesting ground cover under large trees. Leaf colours are unique to each variety. Small light coloured flowers emerge above the foliage in early summer, attracting butterflies & hummingbirds. 



Zone: 3

Bloom Time: June - July

Flower Colour: White, Lavender

Features: Attracted Hummingbirds and Butterflies


Height Description
Abiqua Drinking Gourd 22" Dark blue-green leaves have a unique cupped form
Blue Angel 36" Huge, heart-shaped, blue-green leaves with a heavily puckered texture
Brother Stefan 20" Spring leaves are lime-yellow with a blue margin, maturing to gold with a green margin
Empress Wu 48" Gigantic upright mound of huge, thick, dark green leaves
Fire & Ice 22" Slightly twisted leaves with a white center and green margins
Frances Williams 26" Giant, blue-green leaves with wide yellow margins
Grandiflora 24" Light green leaves with very large, showy, fragrant white flowers
Great Expectations 25" Thick, puckered leaves with a wide blue-green margin. Creamy yellow to white centers.
Halcyon 18" Pointed leaves are a frosty blue-green
Island Breeze 12" Wide, dark green margins with bright yellow centers.
Neptune 24" Blue leaves with heavily rippled edges
Patriot 24" Dark green leaves with wide, crisp white margins
Rainforest Sunrise 11" Puckered, golden-yellow leaves with a dark green margin
Regal Splendor 36" Heart-shaped, gray-green leaves with creamy margins
Sun Power 32" Bright golden-yellow leaves. Tolerates sun
Vulcan 22"  Dark green margins with crisp, white centers
Wide Brim 18" Heart-shaped green leaves with wide, irregular creamy yellow margins