Mint (Multiple Varieties)

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Mint plants are most often used for fruit punches, teas and potpourris. They are modest in size and have serrated leaves coming in varying shades of green. There are 7 varieties sold here, each with a slightly different and unique taste and fragrance to fit your preferences. 

 Exposure: Full Sun - Part Shade

Pot Size: 4.3"


Banana Mint (Mentha 'Banana'): Taste of mint with a hint of banana.

Mature Height: 12"; Zone: 5


Chocolate Mint (Mentha x spicata): Similar to peppermint but with a slight hint of chocolate-mint combination.

Mature Height: 16"; Zone: 3


Ginger Mint (Mentha gracillis): It has a strong ginger flavour.

Mature Height: 16"; Zone 5


Hillary's Sweet Lemon Mint (Mentha dulcia citreus): Silver-gray foliage with lemon-mint combination flavour.

Mature Height: 16"; Zone: 5


Mojito Mint (Mentha villosa): Taste is warm and milder than others, not as sweet.

Mature Height: 16"; Zone: 3


Orange Mint (Mentha piperita citrata): Hint of citrus is tantalizing in fruit punches, teas and potpourris. The oil is an ingredient in chartreuse and perfumes.

Mature Size: 12"; Zone: 5


Strawberry Mint (Mentha ‘Strawberry’): Taste of mint with a hint of strawberry

Mature Height: 24"; Zone: 5



Apple Mint (Mentha suaveolens) Has a slightly fruity scent and taste and is perfect for fruit salads and garnishing drinks.

Mature Height: 16"; Zone 5