Olive Oil Only Soap

Olive Oil Only Soap

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Great choice for those with sensitives to ingredients as the only scent is a light one contributed from the extra virgin olive oil. This is a true Castile Soap made from good food quality first cold pressed extra virgin olive oil; the same type that you would put on your salad.

Made in the same manner as true castile soaps since the 15th century. Pure olive oil soap has a different feel that other soaps. It has a very fine bubble with a creamy texture on the skin, similar to a lotion.

Olive Oil Soap may be used as a baby soap for babies over 3 months in age. It may also be used for sensitive or easily irritated skin and for those with limiting sensitivities. It makes a very nice one-step shampoo and conditioning bar especially for those with fine hair, leaving it soft, shiny, and manageable. Pure olive oil soap makes a gentle wash for fine woolens as well as being a key ingredient in the making of all natural homemade laundry soaps when grated down.

One of the most basic soaps available anywhere with exceptional quality ingredients. A true olive oil castile soap made from just 3 ingredients:

First cold pressed extra virgin olive oil, distilled water and food quality sodium hydroxide.

With baby, a little soap goes a long way! Use only a small diluted with water where absolutely necessary and use cation to keep out of eyes. This soap is vegan, and good for all skin types including sensitive, children, and baby.

Made in Canada by Sand Hook Soap Factory