Wolf Willow

Wolf Willow

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Elaeagnus commutata

Wolf Willow is a captivating and spreading shrub, boasting a unique allure with its distinctive grayish-silver foliage, a visual treat that lasts throughout the seasons. Offering an irregular shrubby habit, this shrub creates a delightful color contrast wherever its spreading nature is embraced. Adding to its charm are small, sweetly fragrant yellow flowers. Notably drought-tolerant, this shrub stands resilient in challenging conditions. 

 Bee FriendlyNative Plantattracts birds

Mature Size: 10' x 10'


Zone: 2

Bloom Time: May - June

Flower Colour: Yellow

Features: Bee Friendly, Attracts Birds, Native Plant

Pot Size: #2 Pot 


Photo by Meadows Way Garden Center