Wall - Roman StackStone

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Roman StackStone is the perfect weathered companion to StackStone retaining wall system. With its chiselled and worn appearance, Roman StackStone features the same colours and sizes as StackStone. Its tongue and groove system ensures a tight interlock between each block, making it ideal for both straight and curved garden walls. No matter the complexity of your garden wall project, Roman StackStone is up for the task, bringing a rustic charm to your outdoor living area.

Available Sizes:

  • Standard¬†4"¬†x 8"/6"¬†x 8"
  • Coping¬†4"¬†x 8"/6"¬†x 8"
  • Advanced Corner¬†4"¬†x 11"/8"¬†x 8"

Available Colours:

  • Charcoal
  • Sierra Grey