Wall - StackStone

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StackStone is the perfect split-face retaining wall system for both straight and curved garden walls. With its interlocking groove system, each block is locked securely in place, ensuring a steady wall that will last for years to come. Whether your project is simple or complex, StackStone is up to the task.

Its architectural and symmetrical geometry adds a modern touch to any landscaping project, while its smooth beveled edges and rock face texture provide clean and elegant lines that bring your vision to life.

Sizes Available:

  • Standard¬†4" x 8"/6" x 8"
  • Coping¬†4"¬†x 8"/6"¬†x 8"¬†
  • Advanced Corner¬†4"¬†x 11"/8" x 8"

Colours Available:

  • Charcoal
  • Desert Buff
  • Sierra Grey

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